This project explored the unchartered route of integrating ICT education to Childhood education particularly in Northern Nigeria. The project is a continuous series that began with Peak Genius Comprehensive School (PGSC). A team of 5 persons took the senior secondary students of PGSC on Website Development and Digital Marketing.

As an organization, we believe that Acquiring ICT skills with guided interaction can enhance children’s learning in three major ways. They are dispositions to learn, knowledge of the world and operational skills. Providing a range of ICT skills create more opportunities of learning for the students. The project focused on training students between the ages of 13 to 17, within the classes of SS1 to SS3. This ICT skills are set to improve the lives of the children socially and academically.

The ICT skills are intended to improve the social skills of the students; alongside their self-esteem. With the lagging behind of the educational curriculum of most public schools in Nigeria, it is necessary to create an opportunity for children to learn processes that bring them at par with their mates around the world, hence the rationale behind the project. Learning ICT at a young age can help motivate, stimulate and if possible, re-engage children. Challenging task become more manageable and mundane activities more accessible for the children. The project ran for 7 days teaching the students all the tenets of the basic web development and digital marketing.

Aims and Objectives of the project

The project aims to help children develop an open and flexible mind towards learning, while ensuring the learning process is pleasurable. Also, it is necessary to sufficiently equip the students, with skills that bring them to same level with their peers all over the world. Lastly, the intent to create practical methods of learning for all the beneficiaries.

In the course of the implementation of this project, there were numerous benefits for the students who partook in the project. Such as, developing and building a website with its framework, understanding all the terminologies regarding website design and development and lastly all the tools required to be a digital marketer and how to run solid leads generation ads and conversion ads or build a social media business page.