Board of Trustees

Board Members

Amb. (Dr.)

Emmanuel Chuks Ozegbe


Ambassador (Dr) Emmanuel Chuks Ozegbe is a
a distinguished and visionary leader known for his exceptional contributions to the field of humanitarian work. As the Chairman and Founder of GYSAPEO (Global Youth Skills Acquisition and Poverty Eradication Organization), he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and individuals
across the globe.

Professional Background
With a strong academic background and extensive experience in international relations, Dr. Ozegbe brings a unique blend of expertise to his role. His academic journey is marked by notable achievements, including advanced degrees in fields related to international affairs, diplomacy, and social development. This solid foundation has empowered him to tackle complex global challenges with a holistic and informed perspective.

Dr. Ozegbe’s visionary leadership gave birth to GYSAPEO, an organization that stands as a testament to his dedication to poverty eradication and skills empowerment. Through this platform, he has designed and implemented innovative programs that focus on equipping youth with essential skills, fostering economic independence, and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty. His initiatives have touched the lives of countless individuals, enabling them to create better opportunities for themselves and their communities.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Ozegbe has received numerous accolades and awards from prestigious organizations and institutions. However, he remains driven by his core belief in the power of collective action and the potential for positive change when individuals come together for a common cause.


Hajiya Magam Talatu Haruna
Vice Chairperson-GYSAPEO

Hajiya Magam Talatu Haruna stands as a prominent figure in the field of medicine, dedicated to healing bodies and hearts alike. As a respected Medical Consultant and the Vice Chairperson of GYSAPEO (Global Youth Skills Acquisition and Poverty Eradication Organization), she seamlessly combines her medical expertise with her passion for humanitarian work, leaving a profound impact on individuals and communities.

Professional Background

With a distinguished background in medicine, Hajiya Magam has earned a reputation as a skilled and compassionate healthcare professional. Her academic achievements and years of experience have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to provide top-notch medical care, touching the lives of patients and families during their most vulnerable moments.

Beyond her medical practice, Hajiya Magam’s commitment to humanitarian endeavors shines brightly. Her role as the Vice Chairperson of GYSAPEO showcases her dedication to addressing social inequalities and promoting empowerment. Through this platform, she actively contributes to the organization’s mission of eradicating poverty and equipping young individuals with essential skills to shape a brighter future.

Barr. Manira Anwar

Barrister Manira Anwar is a legal practitioner of exceptional prowess, renowned for her deep commitment to justice, reconciliation, and social empowerment. Serving as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees for GYSAPEO (Global Youth Skills Acquisition and Poverty Eradication Organization), she combines her legal expertise with a passion for humanitarian causes to create a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

 Professional Background

With an impressive legal background, Barrister Manira has earned a reputation as a dedicated advocate for fairness and equality under the law. Her years of legal practice have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex legal landscapes, making her an invaluable asset to those seeking justice and resolution.

However, Barrister Manira’s unique role as a reconciliation expert had truly sets her apart. Her ability to bridge divides and foster understanding among conflicting parties has led to transformative outcomes in various contexts. Her dedication to promoting harmony and unity makes her an instrumental figure not only in the legal realm but also in the broader realm of social cohesion.


Hon. Cordelia A.

Hon. Cordelia Anyangwu Nkemchor


Dr. Kingsley Nwokoma
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Dr. Kingsley Nwokoma

President Association of Foreign Airlines and Representatives in Nigeria



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CEO – Ojtech Limited