The ICT training for the youths of Nigeria was targeted towards the development of core ICT skills amongst core percentage of the growing population of Nigerians. The training focused on the acquisition of proficiency in web development technologies. Participants were equipped with the knowledge and tools required to plan, design and build websites, web applications and mobile applications.

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The participants of the training, were given a set of problems facing the society. With the task of developing web and mobile applications to solve them. This will hone their problem-solving skills using ICT. They can then venture into starting their individual businesses providing ICT solutions, or work as in-house or remote members of tech teams in different companies.

The project also aimed to facilitate the development of applications that will make Nigerian cities smarter, across various sectors such as agriculture, education, health, entertainment, transportation, security, etc. Such smart city apps will improve the standard of living for the average Nigerian to be healthier and inspire economic growth.